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How it Works

eCryptoCar has our patent pending, multi-card liquid cooled mining rig concealed with in the vehicle, and is equipped with latest LTE/4G WiFi (5G compatible), as well as Hotspot enabled for seamless connectivity.

eCryptoCar's cryptocurrency algorithm ensures the most profitable tokens are mined - our benchmark data, is the crypto data provided by the highly respected Weiss Ratings

When you take delivery of your car, please follow the simple instructions in the app to activate the cryptocurrency mining rig. The system will default to the most profitable traded tokens - you will need to enter your Cold wallet details to receive your income. 

The casing around the mining rig has been designed to be tamper proof and forms part of the cars structure - you will be notified via the app when a person tries to damage or break-in to your car.


LUCY automatically records in HD video 360' around the car 24/7, those video streams you can download for insurance purposes or for the Police to act upon!


You keep 100%     of the revenue produced

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